Why Your Feet Get Peeling Like Crazy

Why Your Feet Get Peeling Like Crazy

Peeling feet is absolutely common, it may lead to bleeding and infection. If you’re bothersome by peeling feet, it betters to have effective treatment and prevention. But, most people who experience the condition even don’t know what causes their peeling feet. Understanding the reasons as well as treatments may help you avoid the condition well, especially in the summer.

Reasons of your feet get peeling

There’re lots of causes of peeling feet, from fungal infection to dehydration. It’s essential to spend a few minutes to take a look at some reasons of the condition. Then, finding ways to get rid of them

1. Fungal infections

The most common reason for peeling feet is fungal infections. But at times, many people don’t realize fungal infections as a cause because they have no itchiness. Fungal infections are commonly itching, stinging and burning sensations. However, fungal infections of peeling feet sometimes aren’t itching. It’s a little bit hard to identify this cause. In fact, when your skin begins peeling strangely, you should get checked and noticed. That can be a cause of peeling feet. Once you experience a fungal infection, it’s easy to infect other nails on your toes.

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2. Sweaty exercise habits

It should be noticed that sweaty exercise creates moist condition that fungi and bacteria really like to thrive. This results to peeling feet easily. The gym facilities can also be a reason. You walk barefoot to the gym or share your mats, your chances to get fungal or bacterial infections will be increased. Even when you don’t share mats but you practice in a moist environment, you still have chance to get it. Take a look at these reasons and meet your doctor if you doubt you have it.

Sweaty exercise creates fungal infections leading to peeling feet

Sweaty exercise creates fungal infections leading to peeling feet

3. Dehydration

Dehydration doesn’t only make you tired, it also reduces your metabolism and leads to peeling feet. When you’re not enough hydration, your skin begins to flake off. This explains why your skin tends to be dry and peeling if you don’t get enough water intake. As water is your friend, you need to drink enough to keep yourself hydrated. It’s recommended people should drink 6-8 glasses of water daily.

4. Eczema

Eczema is a skin condition affecting 31.6 million people in the US. It causes itching, peeling, dryness in the body such as feet, elbows and scalp. If your feet get peeling like crazy, eczema may be a reason. Though many people have suffered eczema when being a child, they also develop the skin condition as adult. The good news is there’re lots of topical medications to treat eczema.

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Eczema causes itching,, dryness and peeling feet

Eczema causes itching,, dryness and peeling feet

5. Strappy heels

Most women like wearing strappy shoes in the summer. But you may also realize peeling or scaling of your skin after taking shoes off. Because snug footwear causes severe friction. You need to notice that anything which causes friction also results in peeling skin. So, you shouldn’t wear shoes too long. If you begin to feel friction, change another shoes and choose natural materials to relieve friction.

6. Sunburns

No one wants to go out without sun screen as UV rays in sunlight may damage your skin. Sunburn is actually more dangerous than you think. It doesn’t give dark spots on your skin but also leads to skin cancer. Unluckily, most people only focus on the skin on face, arms or legs. They have no concern with skin on feet that results to peeling feet. So, don’t let your feet be on dangerous of UV rays. If you go to the beach, remember to apply sunscreen on your feet and reapply after dipping your feet in the ocean.

UV rays in sunlight may damage your skin

UV rays in sunlight may damage your skin

How to treat peeling feet

Peeling feet may cause pain and bleeding if you leave it untreated. Here’re couple of ways to help heal the condition

1. Take antifungal medications

If your peeling feet is caused by a fungal infection, you need to treat the infection first. Antifungal medication is the best choice for any fungal infections. OTC or prescription creams are needed. Or you can use home remedies like tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar or coconut oil to treat. If they don’t work, you need to see your doctor. In addition, Fugacil has been considered one of the best antifungal cream for fungus. You can apply it to treat toe nail fungus, athlete’s foot, jock itch or vaginal infections.

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2. Use moisturizer

In case your feet get peeling due to dryness, you should use a moisturizer on your feet twice per day. Ointments, lotions or creams that contain lactic acid or urea are effective to relieve dryness causing peeling feet. It’s better if you apply moisturizer after taking a shower while your skin is still moist.

Use moisturizer to relieve dryness causing peeling feet

Use moisturizer to relieve dryness causing peeling feet

3. Apply aloe vera lotion

When the peeling is caused by sunburn, applying aloe vera lotion is the best cure. It helps ease the affected area and keep it moisturized. You can buy the lotion on the drug stores or pharmacies. There’s a notice that while your feet are healing, try to avoid exposing them to the sun.

4. Meet your doctor

If you experience eczema that causes itching, dryness and peeling skin in many parts of the body, peeling feet can occur. This may discomfort and you can’t treat. It’s needed to see your doctor and have properly treatments.

It’s commonly to have peeling feet, but there’re lots of causes of the condition. To cure it fast, you need to understand what causes your peeling feet. Thus, it’s important to read above information and find suitable cures. Also, you should apply sunscreen before going out or keep the skin out of dryness.






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