Top 7 Home Remedies for Fungal Infections

A fungal infection is one of the common infections in the world. They are caused by fungi. These fungi can live in soil, water, plant and human body. The common types of fungal skin infections are athlete’s foot, yeast infection, jock itch and ringworm. Everyone has a chance to get a fungal infection. Especially, people who have weakened immune system tend to get it. Like other microbes, there are helpful and harmful fungi. Once harmful fungi work strongly in the body, healthy fungi cannot fight against them. Then, fungal infections will occur. Even though fungal infections don’t cause severe health problems, they are so annoying.

There are a lot of causes of fungal infections. Environment, hormone imbalance and stress can be the reasons that lead to an infection. For example, people who are usually stress or eat unhealthy food may have a chance to get yeast infection. For those who have poor personal hygiene will increase their dangers of getting athlete’s foot and ringworm. Not only that, people live in moist and humid environment also get them easily. Sharing the same personal items with infected person leads to your danger, too.

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Once getting fungal infections, different types of infections will have different symptoms. Generally, the most common signs of infections are itching and burning in the infected area. Redness or blisters can be appeared on the affected area. Besides, you can feel really uncomfortable. Although these infections don’t lead to serious health problems, they also disturb your life. Thus, it’s necessary for you to find out treatments to cure them.

There are a lot of cures to treat fungal infections. Creams, medicines or diet can remove infections effectively. But home remedies can be seen the safest and cheapest to heal fungal infections. Here are some home remedies you need to know.

1. Apple cider vinegar

When getting fungal infections, they will change the PH level in the body. The apple cider vinegar has an acidic effect that stops the fungus developing. Not only that, it contains antibacterial and antifungal that fight against harmful fungus. It also prevents recurrence of other fungal infections. This remedy has no side effects, so it’s safe for both kids and adults. To prevent fungal infections effectively, you should mix a tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. Then, drink it once daily. You can use it until you remove your infection.

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2. Tea

Tea contains astringent and antibiotic properties. These help relieve the symptoms of a fungal infection. Besides, the tannins in tea may help kill the fungi that cause fungal infections. Thus, to cure infection, you can immerge soak tea bags in warm water for 10’. Then, place them in the fridge to cold and apply these tea bags on the affected area.

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3. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is famous for its antiseptic property. This substance helps prevent the spread of the infection to other parts of the body. It also has antibiotic properties that can fight against fungal infections. Applying tea tree oil on affected area to cure infections beneficially. For vaginal yeast infection, you can take 2-3 drops of tea tree oil and apply to vagina for 2-3 hours.

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4. Coconut oil

Like other home remedies, coconut oil is seen one of the useful treatments to cure fungal infection. It’s because coconut oil contains a lot of fatty acid that prevents harmful fungi. Thus, you can use this remedy to cure infections. The first one, you should clean your affected areas and dry. The, applying coconut oil to affected areas and massage them. Repeat this process twice a day until the infection disappear.

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5. Garlic

Garlic is useful antifungal properties. It also has antibiotic and antibacterial agents. These benefit substances can defeat infection well. They play a key role in the recovery process. Due to its natural antifungal, you can use it to cure affected area by fungus. Adding a few garlic cloves to your daily meals is helpful for you. It helps promote the healing process of fungal infection.

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6. Yogurt

Yogurt is the easiest and the most simple in treating fungal infections. It has healthy bacteria that kill the harmful fungi. Not only that, it balances the antibodies in the body. Hence, eating plain yogurt will keep the development of good fungi. It also boosts your immune system. You can eat 2-3 cups of plain yogurt daily until your infection go away.

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7. Carrot

Carrot contains betacarotene that is excellent antioxidant to keep body healthy. It also consists antimicrobial property that fight against many harmless fungi. Thus, it’s good for you in curing fungal infections and relieve their symptoms. Drinking carrot juice daily helps gets a lot of healthy benefits for the body.

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Besides, you can take medications to remove a fungal infections. There are many types of antifungal medicines. They can be creams, solutions, tablets, shampoos. For example, amorolfine, and miconazole are used in treating skin fungal infections. Like many fungal treatments, Fugacil is one of the best treatment for fungal infections. It can be used to treat jock itch, ringworm, toenail fungus and athlete’s foot. Because its ingredients has been approached by FDA, it’s safe and used widely.

Fungal infections aren’t too dangerous, but they can disturb your life in many ways. Thus, you need to remove them by using treatments. And home remedy is seen one of the safest and cheapest cures for your fungal infections.






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