Does Fugacil work?

Does Fugacil work?

Fungal infection such as jock itch, athlete’s foot, yeast infection or especially ringworm is much more common than most people think. Dermatophytosis is a fungal infection on the skin which has the symptom of red, itchy, and circular rashes hence the name ringworm. This infection is very easy to spread especially in public places and moist environment like public swimming pools, gym, etc. Ringworm can get extremely irritating at times due to extreme itching and affect your sleeping schedule, or even leads to more serious infections because of excessive scratching. Fortunately, it is definitely treatable with many over the counter topical cream out there, and one notable one being Fugacil. The company claimed they are the first to utilize nanomedicine in fungal treatment.

Fugacil Overview

  • It’s made in USA
  • Active ingredients: Fugacil Antifungal Nanoparticles, Melissa Officianalis, Astragalus, Tea Tree.
  • FDA-approved Ingredients
  • Topical cream with intensive strength antifungal formula to specifically treat ringworm
  • New generation of fungal treatment utilizing nanoparticles
  • Can only be purchased at the moment from their official website (

How nanoparticles work in ringworm treatment?

There are multiple researches and studies proving the possibility of using silver nanoparticles in many different fields of medicines and anti-fungus is one of them. The most notable traits of silver nanoparticles are their strong antiviral, antimicrobial as well as antifungal traits. Those can kill a wide range of fungus including ringworm. Fugacil is the first product to utilize that fact to manufacture a better treatment of ringworm.

Does Fugacil work?

Examining their ingredients can tell that they also include natural ingredients that are popular in fungal treatment (tea tree, astragalus extract). Skin healing factor from the inactive ingredients such as thyme, and lavender is also being used. Combining herbal natural ingredients with their healing attributes with strong penetrative and antifungal trait from nanoparticles would fully remove fungus from inside out. Results from individual reports of Fugacil has been very positive so far with almost no side effects.

Where to buy Fugacil?

Since this is a new product, the only way to purchase the cream is through their official website.


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