7 Natural Treatments for Athlete’s Foot

7 Natural Treatments for Athlete’s Foot


Athlete’s foot is one type of fungal skin infections. It commonly occurs in athletes who usually go barefoot in public places or touch surfaces contaminated with the fungus. Athlete’s foot is not serious. But, this condition is contagious. Also, it is quite hard to treat. Thus, natural treatments play an important role in dealing with athlete’s foot.

General information

Athlete’s foot is caused by tinea fungus. It usually affects the skin on or around the feet. And, it can spread to the toenails or hands because it is contagious. Because athlete’s foot can lead to complications in some cases. Thus, people who are suffering athlete’s foot should be treated immediately. For example, if the fungal infection returns after treatment, it can become more serious. Also, it can develop a secondary bacterial infection. In particular, it spreads to the lymph system. Then, it causes infection of the lymph nodes or the lymph vessels.

Symptoms of athlete’s foot

Like nail fungus, athlete’s foot has some following visible signs:

  • Itchy
  • Small blisters
  • Sore
  • Dry, red, scaly and flaky
  • Burning between toes
  • Thick, crumbly and discolored toenails
  • White, cracked and soggy

Causes of athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is a condition when fungi grows and causes harm on feet. Also, these fungi overgrows in the damp, moist and warm environment. Thus, people commonly get this condition in locker room floors, showers and swimming pools. And, athlete’s foot can be contagious by direct contacts. For example, contacting with infected person and touching fungal contaminated objects or surfaces. They include:

  • Go barefoot
  • Share personal items: socks, shoes
  • Sweat on feet a lot
  • Wear tight shoes
  • Have a injury on feet
  • Keep feet in water for a long time

And, people with certain health conditions can get more chances for athlete’s foot. Especially, diabetes.

7 Natural Treatments for athlete’s foot

Prevention is always the best medicine. But, some home remedies can relieve its symptoms. In some cases, athlete’s foot can be deleted.

  1. Take care of your feet

To lower your risk of getting athlete’s foot, you should take care of your feet. For example:

  • Keep your feet clean and dry.
  • Do not go barefoot.
  • Do not wear tight shoes.
  • Do not share personal items.
  • Do not scratch your infected areas.
  1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil is known as one of the essential ingredients in some antifungal creams and pills. There are antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties in Tea tree oil. They can help combat fungi and skin infections. So, you should handle your athlete’s foot by applying this oil on the affected nails twice daily. Tea tree oil really works with all type of skin fungal infections.

  1. Garlic

Garlic is always famous for dealing with skin fungal infections. It contains antifungal substances specific to fight against fungi. Also, there is Allicin in garlic. Allicin can help inhibit the growth of Trichophyton rubrum in athlete’s foot. So, you can apply garlic paste between your toes. Keep for a day. Then wash it out.

  1. Ginger

Ginger contains antifungal properties. Thus, it can help clear up fungi on feet. You can add an ounce of chopped and fresh ginger to a cup of boiling water. Next, allow it to cool to a cozy temperature. Then, soak your feet for 20 minutes per day. You can apply it to your feet twice a day.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar contains some distinctive components. It can control skin infections and get rid of the fungi. So, you can dilute it in water and then apply it on the affected skin areas. Also, you can let your feet soak in the vinegar for 20 minutes. Do this every day and you will see results soon.

For the better result, you can mix ½ cup apple cider vinegar with Himalayan salt (or Epsom salt) and warm water. Then, soak your feet in this mixture for 10 minutes.

  1. Neem Oil

Neem oil (or Neem Tree) commonly found in India. It contains a number of active components with medical uses. Neem Oil is also well- known for dealing with many diseases such as loss of appetite, cough, skin disorders, diabetes, fever, and healing wounds. In India, many doctors have been using neem oil for decades to treat 50 types of skin fungal infections.

So, you can apply neem oil to dry and clean feet several times each day.

  1. Antifungal creams

Antifungal creams are the useful and convenient tips in handling with athlete’s foot. Most of these creams contain antifungal substances and medicinal herbs. So, they can works well with this skin fungal infections. For example, you can dilute boric acid with water. Then, applying it on skin. Also, you can use Fugacil, one of the best treatment for fungal infections. Fugacil can kill fungi and prevent recurrence of skin fungal infection. It is because it contain Garlic, Tea tree oil, Vinegar and Coconut oil. These properties are active and antifungal for athlete’s foot. Thus, apply antifungal creams, and you will observe its results quite soon.

Athlete’s foot is not serious. Yet, its symptoms can be really embarrassing and annoying. And, more and more people are suffering from athlete’s foot. Fortunately, it can be remedied at home by natural treatments without using toxic or harmful drugs or chemicals. Thus, try these advice and you can remedy your athlete’s foot naturally.


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