6 Jock Itch Symptoms Men Shouldn’t Ignore

6 Jock Itch Symptoms Men Shouldn’t Ignore

Sweating in the groin is completely normal. But excessive sweating can lead to discomfort and irritation.

A study has shown that almost every man and adolescent boy will develop jock itch at some point in their lives. This is because the infection can occur anywhere on the body. But it is particularly common is moist, warm areas that sweat too much and trap moisture.

Male groin is the perfect breeding ground for fungus, because it sweats a lot. The heat and moisture here can help the fungus multiply and spread.

Jock itch is usually mild and easy to treat. You can treat it by applying an over-the-counter topical antifungal cream like Fugacil.

However, jock itch is quite contagious and you can transmit it to others. Thus, it’s important to identify the early signs of jock itch. And get it treated immediately.

What Is Jock Itch?

Jock itch is a fungal infection of the skin caused by a mold-like fungus called tinea. It can cause red, itchy, ring-shaped patches in the skin of the groin, inner thighs and buttocks. Jock itch can affect anyone. But teen boys and young men are at greater risk. Also, jock itch is especially common in athletes, people with obesity or diabetes and people who tend to sweat a lot. Here are six common jock itch symptoms every man needs to look out for.

1. Rash

A red, itchy rash is the most common symptom of jock itch. It usually is on or around the skin of your groin and genitals. And, it can spread to your anus or buttocks. Jock itch does not affect the scrotum. The rash can be red, itchy and often ring-shaped with raised edges. These edges can be very red or silvery. And the skin in the center can be discolored.

A rash of jock itch often itches or burns. And it tends to get worse with exercise or activity. Many people apply an OTC hydrocortisone cream to treat the itch. This often makes rash not improve, but even worse and spread.

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Rash is the most common symptom of jock itch

2. Itching

One of the most common jock itch symptoms is itching. It occurs when the rash develops and tends to get worse with tight fitting clothing and sweating. If your balls feel extremely itchy or uncomfortable, check for jock itch. It is the first and most important cause of itchy balls.

3. Burning

Along with rash and itching, jock itch can cause a burning sensation in the groin area. This happens when you scratch the itch with nails and there is a break in your skin. To get rid of the feeling of burning, do not use soap over that area. Avoid shaving or having sexual intercourse.

A burning sensation in your genitals can result from a wide range of conditions. It could be an STD such as HPV, HIV, herpes and more.

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4. Scaling

Jock itch is typically accompanied by scaling or flaking of the skin. It occurs at the edges of a rash in your groin and can extend to your belly, butt and inner thighs. Along with this, blisters, pus-filled sores and bleeding may develop.

Genital psoriasis can also cause scaling skin. It flares up in the same areas of jock itch such as the upper thighs, inner thigh, groin, and buttocks. Since both look very similar, many people are confusing them.

Jock itch can cause scaling and flaking skin

5. Chafing

Boys or men with jock itch who exercise a lot can experience chafing down there. This symptom happens when the skin rubs against skin or clothing. Or, when there is a lot of heat, sweat or moisture in the affected area. If you are overweight, your thighs and buttocks are much more likely to rub against each other.

Chafing can also cause a red rash that burns or itches and scaling skin. Besides jock itch, a number of factors can result in chafing. These are dry skin, wearing tight clothing or too much friction from sexual activity.

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6. Discomfort

Itching or irritation “down there” can cause you a lot of discomfort. If this goes along with these five above symptoms, you may have jock itch. Other conditions can make your groin or genitals uncomfortable. They are lice or scabies, genital warts and herpes.

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Itching or irritation “down there” can cause you a lot of discomfort

How Can You Get Rid Of Jock Itch?

If you get jock itch, you should treat it right away. There are OTC antifungals available at any drugstore.

If this does not work, ask a doctor for a prescription medication.

According to experts, the best way to prevent jock itch is to keep your groin fresh, dry and clean. Wear breathable cotton underwear.

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